Industrial Air Science
Bert Forsyth

Owner & Senior Project Manager

Bert Forsyth, Sr. Project Manager and Owner of IAS, has been an emission specialist for over 19 years. In 1992, he began as a field technician for an environmental engineering and consulting firm. In 1998, Bert was appointed to Department Manager for the Air Emissions Division.

Over the years, Bert has managed over 950 engineering and EPA compliance emissions measurement and testing projects, including testing of various emissions control devices (i.e. baghouses, scrubbers, oxidizers, electrostatic precipitators, etc). His proficiency in USEPA reference methods for stationary source sampling, including manual and analyzer methods, is a direct result of his many years experience as a stationary source testing specialist.

In 2001, Bert established Industrial Air Science, an independently owned and operated company based in Centerville, Ohio. He takes pride in the company's accomplishments and the relationships he shares with his clients.

Our on-site testing teams consist of Project Managers and Sampling Technicians selected based on the specific needs of the project. Each of our emissions specialists have an average of 15 years experience, with each onsite testing team having an average of 60 years combined experience.

We feel that this level of experience is one of many contributing factors in maintaining the long-term relationships we share with our clients.

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